A Bronze Medallion provides you with the confidence and skills to manage a potentially life threatening situation. This award also increases employment opportunities with many pools and aquatic centres requiring individuals conducting aquatic programs to have a Bronze Medallion qualification.

Bronze Medallion must be updated annually if used as a professional qualification.

Outcomes  : Able to respond to an aquatic emergency using basic water rescue techniques and provide emergency care.

Practical Assesment:  
Timed Tow (3mins 15secs)
In clothing (remove at any time)
Swim 50m
Tow unconscious Casualty 50m
Timed Swim (13mins)
100m of each
Freestyle, on back, on side, on front
Survival Skills
1min hand sculling
1min treading water
Don a PFD & swim 50m
Demonstrate HELP/huddle
Climb out wearing PFD
Spinal injury management
Rescue Techniques
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